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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon

About the 2008 Marathon, Orphan Dinner, Children's Walk. Free AIDS testing

The 2008 World AIDS Marathon and related events were attended by over 1,400 people. Pictured below are the real heroes of the day.

  • 288 runners participated in the Marathon and Half Marathon
  • 250 children participated in the 5k Childrens Walk
  • 275 orphans were served dinner at Reach-Out Orphan Support Center
  • 86 orphans were served dinner at St. Catherine's Orphanage
  • 500+ people were tested for AIDS

Here are the official winners:

Marathon (male)               Hillary Mutahi        2:19:28
Marathon (female)            Helen Chenonges   3:04:19
Half Marathon (male)         Leonard Leting      1:07:12
Half Marathon (female)      Rose Jebet           1:22:30

Thank you to all who participated and volunteered.


Mama Sarah Daily Nation

Mama Sarah, Barack’s Kenyan grandmother cutting the ribbon at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new children’s playground at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Stadium. The full story can be read on the front page of Kenya’s, Daily Nation, by visiting the link, http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/497278/-/tm6b7g/-/index.html

Left to right ( Joseph Ochieng, race director; Alan Rubin and Violet Achieng, committee members of the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group; and Jodi Brodsky, Richard’s wife) getting set to organize, photograph, and participate in the World AIDS Marathon.

Richard and Jodi Brodsky and four of the eight wheelchair participants. We are awaiting for the arrival of Mama Sarah to flag off the World AIDS Marathon.

Mama Sarah flagging off the 2008 World AIDS Marathon.

288 runners, off and running on a 26 mile trek around Kisumu where temperatures will climb to near 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The true heroes of the day are the 8 wheelchair cyclist participants who completed the grueling course over some of the bumpiest terrain imaginable.

For the second straight year, Anthony Rioko of Kenya, wins the marathon in the wheelchair cyclist division.

Nobody worked harder and had more fun than the wheelchair cyclists.

John Ochien of Kenya wins the half-marathon in the wheelchair cyclist division.

Jodi Brodsky claiming 5th prize for the Women’s Marathon by Alie Eleveld. Without Alie and her dedicated committee members, there would not have been a World AIDS Marathon.

Richard Brodsky completing the World AIDS Marathon in 04:59:32 could not be happier except for the fact that his wife, Jodi, beat him by seven minutes. Kenya’s Daily Nation covered the story: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/501178/-/u0l06v/-/index.html

250 children participated in the Children’s Walk.

OOPS, make that 250 children plus one smiling grizzly bear.

Most of the winners of the Half and Full Marathon and a few of the organizers of the World AIDS Marathon.

All participants received a Certificate of Completion for completing the Half or Full Marathon. In keeping with the theme of the World AIDS Marathon, the certificates were designed by Jonathan Boyle of Ireland.

One of the may groups who performed and entertained at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Stadium on World AIDS Day.

Race Director, Joseph Ochieng, making a point to the runners at a final meeting of the volunteers a day before the World AIDS Marathon. The work the volunteers did was very much appreciated by the runners. Alie Eleveld, Project Manager of Safe Water AIDS Project was absolutely brilliant as she purchased a few foam mattresses and cut them into sponges so the runners could be sponged at almost all 42 water stations.

Alan Rubin of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, from New York City, recently relocated to Africa and WOW, love that African logo which was used on the runner’s t-shirts.

Jonathan Boyle of Ireland designed the poster for the World AIDS Marathon which anyone could download for free from the World AIDS Marathon website, www.worldaidsmarathon.com.

A flattering picture of Mama Sarah cutting the ribbon to commemorate the official opening of the Children’s Playground at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Stadium. The park was donated with funds raised by the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group.

Mama Sarah in her traditional robe being escorted into the Children’s Playground by the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group Committee Members; Betty Okero, right; and Alie Eleveld, further right.

New Children’s Playground is being utilized by plenty of children.

Dinner with Mama Sarah the night before the World AIDS Marathon at Kisumu’s Imperial Hotel. Standing left to right: Joseph Ochieng; Race Walking official for Athletics Kenya and Architect for CDC; Betty Okero, Coordiantor of Civil Society Organization; Richard Brodsky, President of Richard M. Brodsky Foundation; Alie Eleveld, Project Manager of Safe Water AIDS Project; Mama Sarah’s daughter Masrat; Eunice Dollar, Tuungane Project; and Violet Achieng, YGC Orphanage. Seated left to right: Jodi Brodsky, Mama Sarah, and Mama Sarah’s friend.

Richard and Jodi Brodsky serving dinner to 275 orphans at Reach-Out Orphans Support Centre on November 30, 2008.

The children are waiting patiently for dinner as the younger children were served first.

Too bad my wife and I, Jodi and Richard Brodsky, only make it to Kenya once a year. It would be great if we could feed these orphans more often. For 2009 we do plan on having a few or more orphan dinners when we are visiting Kenya, but we also want to focus on projects which can sustain orphanages. We will be seeking funding for orphanages to buy seed so the orphans and caretakers can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

How unfair it is that this child is growing up without parents. Please consider making a donation to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation so we can feed more orphans, more frequently, Donations can be made online by visiting the Foundation’s website, www.richardmbrodsky.org or mailing a check to the Foundation: Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, 1247 Mara Court, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509.

The orphans at Reach-Out had the best time dancing.

Sister Philemona cares for 86 orphans. Ten of the children are HIV-positive and they all receive the AIDS medicine. Many of the children have lost their parents due to the 2006 post-election violence.

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation sponsored a dinner for 86 orphans at St. Claire’s orphanage on November 29, 2008.

36 orphans sleep in a room that measures 22’ X 24’. They sleep four to a bunk and the mattresses are not very comfortable. However, these are the lucky children as they have malaria nets and they are very much loved and nurtured by Sister Philomena. After all, ‘Philo’ does mean love in Greek.

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation had a fundraising dinner at Corbin & Reynolds, Long Beach, New York and I, Richard, would very much like to thank the owners of the restaurant: Jonathan Desimone, Andre Lopez and Michael Tersigni.

My first stop in Nairobi is always to visit the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation. The stained glass windows are a treasure and a must see on a sunny day. However, security is tight but if you can gain access the grounds and the Synagogue are definitely worth a visit.

Interior of the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation. The first night in Nairobi I was invited to stay at the home of Channa and Dr. David Silverstein. Dr. Silverstein is the personal physician of former President Daniel Moi.

Here’s why we keep coming back to Kenya for the World AIDS Marathon. Special thanks to the American Medical Students Association for being so supportive of the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, http://www.amsa.org/global/HIV-pib.cfm.

A jubilant Jodi Brodsky after testing for the AIDS virus. Her husband, Richard, has been HIV-positive for 11 years and as long as the couple practice safe sex, it is highly unlikely that Jodi will become HIV-positive. A study had been done with 92 serodiscordant couples (one spouse is HIV-positive and the other negative) and during a five year period all the couples practiced safe sex and none of the HIV-negative spouses became positive.

See you next year in Kisumu on World AIDS Day. Please consider showing your support by participating in the half marathon, full marathon or 5K Children’s Walk.



My foundation kept its promise by making World AIDS Weekend a memorable event to orphans, runners, people whose lives have been affected by AIDS, and the people of Kisumu. We hope that others will help contribute towards these expenses so money can be donated to various AIDS projects, http://www.richardmbrodsky.org/support.html and these events can happen more often.

Donations can be made via either website, www.richardmbrodsky.org or www.worldaidsmarathon.com or by mailing a check to:

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation
1247 Mara Court
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

President Barack Obama has wished me success on four occasions since I started running marathons in Kenya. It would be my greatest wish to inform President Obama that people in America are truly supportive of people whose lives have been affected by AIDS. With a little luck, maybe I'll get my chance to thank President Obama in person if he chooses to show his support for defeating global AIDS be visiting Kenya on World AIDS Day 2009.


The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) public charity.

(c)2005 Richard M. Brodsky Foundation

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