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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon


My name is Richard Brodsky and I'm President of the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation. I was diagnosed HIV+ in 1997 and in 2002 I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given 2 - 4 years to live. I'm thrilled to be alive and to run marathons.

My Foundation will be sponsoring its 9th World AIDS Marathon in conjunction with the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group on World AIDS Day 2013.

Smokers, since 2011 we have also examined and treated 436 orphans at these orphan dinner dances and saved the lives of 145 orphans. In keeping with the Foundation's goal to help people whose lives have been affected by AIDS or cancer, here's what I'd suggest. STOP SMOKING IMMEDIATELY.

You will save $20 +/- per week just by quitting. Save that money and encourage others to help you stop smoking by contributing money weekly towards your own orphan dinner. Click on any of the photo links for 2006 - 2009. According to UNICEF, 1 child in 8 in Kenya will die before their 5th birthday and the leading causes of death is hunger. You can set up your own donation page by clicking on the DONATE link to the left and once you set up your own fundraising page you can invite others to contribute


International Participants Click Here

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