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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon - 2012

In 2012, the 7th annual World Aids Marathon was held again in Kisumu on world aids day (December 1st). The Event was sponsored by the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation and Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group.

WAM 2012 image
Start line of the 2012 WAM

Dr. Bonyo, founder of the Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Care Center in Masara, Kenya was proclaimed AMERICA’S HERO OF THE YEAR FOR 2012. His humanitarian efforts for establishing the Health Care Center and bring 17 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and interns from Akron, Ohio to visit his Kenyan homeland and provide free medical care surely justify this award. Dr. Bonyo also co-sponsored a dinner dance for the children who frequent his health care facility. A host of Dr. Bonyo’s family members contributed with cooking, serving and performing in the band.

WAM 2012 image
Logo design for Richard M. Brodsky Foundation's Americas Hero of the Year for 2012

WAM 2012 image
Photo: left to right: Dr. Bonyo, Jodi brodsky, Richard Brodsky, Dr. Richard L. Sartori

WAM 2012 image
Photo: left to right: Dr. Bonyo looking on while Dr. Sartori examines a patient at the Mama Pilista Memorial Health Care Center.

WAM 2012 image
Some of the 17+ doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and interns that Dr. Bonyo traveled with to Kenya from America

Click on any photo to enlarge
  • 1,019 competitors registered for the offered events: World AIDS Marathon, half marathon, disabled full and half marathons, relay races, and 5K children's walk. The winners of the marathon were Victor Lagat (2:16:31) and Gladys Kerubo (2:48:34). The winners of the half marathon were Victor Kiplimo (1:06:33) and Dorcas Talam (1:16:45). The winners of the disabled full marathon were Pius Otieno (3:09:05) and Beatrice Achieng (4:07:46). The winner of the disabled half marathon was Zedekia Odhiambro (1:41:57). There were no female finishers for the disabled half marathon. Race results can be found in spreadsheet form

    WAM 2012 image
    Runners from Bonyo’s Kenya Mission and the Nairobi Run Club, Dr. Sartori and Jodi Brodsky at the start of the World AIDS Marathon.

    WAM 2012 image
    National AIDS Control Council proudly displaying their banner at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground. NACC arranged for AIDS testing at the Event as well.

    WAM 2012 image
    National AIDS Control Council provided the entertainment for the Event.

    WAM 2012 image
    Jodi Brodsky completed the 2012 Kisumu, Kenya World AIDS Marathon in her fastest World AIDS Marathon time. Jodi has been running in the World AIDS Marathon since 2006 and on World AIDS Day, 2012, Jodi finished the marathon with a PR time of 4:44:45 beating her previous time by 9 minutes.

    WAM 2012 image
    Richard Brodsky completed the 7th annual Kisumu, Kenya, 2012 World AIDS Marathon in 04:43:22. This was Brodsky’s fastest Kenyan marathon time by 16 minutes. Says Brodsky, the 60 year young HIV+ brain cancer survivor, “people, even those living with HIV and brain cancer, can reverse their aging process if they lead a healthy lifestyle and have affordable access to medical care & medicine.”

    WAM 2012 image
    Dr. Richard L. Sartori of Garden City Pediatrics traveled halfway round the world to RUN WITH THE KENYANS at the 7th annual Kisumu World AIDS Marathon. Dr. Sartori did a PR for the half marathon (2:50:38)

    Click on any photo to enlarge
  • President Obama's grandmother, Mama Sarah presented the prize money, raised by the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, to the winning athletes; a $1,000 prize fund distributed among the race winners.

    WAM 2012 image

  • Dr. Bonyo of Bonyo's Kenya Mission and the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation co-sponsor an orphan dinner dance for 300 Kenyan orphans at Masara, Kenya on November 29, 2012. Dr. Richard L. Sartori, a full partner at Garden City Pediatrics, provided the medicine and examined 30 orphans.

    WAM 2012 image
    Dr. Bonyo (2nd from left) giving Dr. Sartori (far left) and a few others from Dr. Bonyo’s team, a tour of Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Care Centre.

    WAM 2012 image
    Jodi is dancing with one of the children who frequents the Health Care Centre.

    WAM 2012 image
    Jodi is getting a tour of the Health Care Centre. Recently, the facility has begun to deliver babies.

    WAM 2012 image
    Right to left: Dr. Bonyo, Jodi & Richard Brodsky, and Dr. Bonyo’s sister-in-law serving dinner to 300 children.

  • The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation was also able to sponsor an orphan dinner dance for 600 Kenyan orphans with the help of South Shore Honda and Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC at Hope Initiative, Kendu Bay, the home of President Obama’s grandfather on November 30, 2012. Dr. Richard L. Sartori provided the medicine and examined 50 orphans.

    WAM 2012 image
    The children were very happy to greet Jodi and me as this was our 4th time sponsoring an orphan dinner dance at Hope Initiative.

    WAM 2012 image
    Or was Richard happier to be returning to Hope Initiative?

    WAM 2012 image
    Says Jodi, “It’s almost unfair for two people to be having so much fun.”

    WAM 2012 image
    Dr. Richard Sartori is examining an orphan. Jodi (far right) is keeping notes and Marcy (far left) is studying to be a medical technician and is assisting Dr. Sartori.

    WAM 2012 image WAM 2012 image
    WAM 2012 image
    Jodi and Richard serving dinner to 600 orphans and caretakers.

  • We never leave Kenya without a tour of a zoo, or just having some fun

    WAM 2012 image
    Albino zebras at the Nairobi National Park.

    WAM 2012 image
    Dr. Sartori gets a kiss from a giraffe.

    WAM 2012 image
    Jodi’s mind is racing, "please just eat the nuts, and not my nails".

    WAM 2012 image
    The lion is the king of the jungle and you do not want to be surrounded by a pride of lions.

    WAM 2012 image
    3 ostriches.

    WAM 2012 image
    Says Richard, “Mr. Lion, please don’t eat my camera.”

    WAM 2012 image
    Pictured left to right: Jodi Brodsky, Dr. Sartori, Richard Brodsky and elephant at Nakumatt City. Walmart has nothing over Nakumatt.

    WAM 2012 image
    Richard & Jodi Brodsky getting ready to take a coffee break at Nakumatt. In the background there is a huge bakery.

    WAM 2012 image
    Richard kept good on his commitment to take his beloved Jodi on a second honeymoon.

WAM 2012 image

Certificate designed by Max V. Dutton

CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION for the 2012 World AIDS Marathon was sent to all donors contributing $20. It tells the story of the work the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation did in Kisumu, Kenya for the week we were there. So even if you could not join us for the 2012 World AIDS Marathon, you felt like you were there by your donating $20. Donations are still being accepted for the 2012 World AIDS Marathon

ACCORDING TO UNICEF, the number of children dying worldwide every day has been reduced to 21,000. Whether you choose to donate to my Foundation or another worthy cause, please make a donation in this giving time of year.


Thank you to the following groups and individuals who helped the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group to make sure the 2012 World AIDS Marathon would be a successful Event:

WAM 2012 image
2012 T-Shirt Design (front and back - click on image for detailed back design)

Donations Can still be made:-

www.richardmbrodsky.org or

www.worldaidsmarathon.com or by mailing a check to:

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation
1247 Mara Court
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509




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