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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon - 2013

In 2013, the 8th annual World AIDS Marathon was held again in Kisumu on World AIDS Day (December 1st). The Event was sponsored by the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation and Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group. You can read the two page newspaper article titled Richard Brodsky Kisumu’s Hero Who Makes Every World AIDS Day Tick written by Phillip Orwa in The Counties. You can also read the (translated) blog with photos of a German Marathon runner, Rene Wallesch, who participated in the World AIDS Marathon and 2 of the 3 orphan dinner dances.

WAM 2013 image
Start line of the 2013 WAM

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation sponsored 3 orphan dinner dances for 1,000 Kenyan orphans on Thanksgiving Day, November 29 and 30, 2013. 300+/- orphans were examined and treated at these festive dinners by Dr. Richard Sartori of Garden City Pediatrics, and Dr. Benson Bonyo of Bonyo's Kenya Mission and the team of doctors accompanying him. The medicine was donated by Dr. Sartori.

  • 75% of the kids had intestinal parasites. The cure is one chewable tablet and another tablet in two weeks
  • 75% had malaria and the cure is a 3 day treatment; one or two pills a day depending on the age and weight of the child.
  • 80% had skin lesions, tinea, which is a fungal rash. The rash is treated with a cream and the child is sent home with the cream and is instructed to apply the cream twice a day until the rash is gone.
  • less than 5% had asthma

Dr. Sartori said, '25% of the children having malaria would die without the lifesaving medicine we provided, while 20% of the children having parasites would die without the medicine they needed.' If you do the math that equates to 101 children who would die without the medicine they need. Sadly, most of these children do not receive medical help during the year which is probably why, according to UNICEF, one child in 7 will die before their 5th birthday.

With your help, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is seeking to improve the quality of life of Kenyan children and substantially reduce the number of Kenyan children dying. You’re invited to dine and dance with the Kenyan orphans, get a smooch from a giraffe, and participate in the World AIDS Marathon by viewing the photos on this page

WAM 2013 image
Tom Mboya Adera masterfully organized an orphan dinner dance for 320 orphans at Kisumu Impala Sanctuary with only 4 days notice. Pictured r to l: Tom's wife (the cook); Dr. Benson Bonyo, founder of Bonyo’s Kenya Mission who brought a team of doctors from Akron, Ohio; Richard and Jodi Brodsky; Tom Mboya Adera; and a doctor accompanying Dr. Bonyo.

WAM 2013 image
Welcome to Kisumu Impala Sanctuary and enjoy a dinner dance with 320 Kenya orphans

WAM 2013 image
To keep the orphan dinner dance within budget, Tom Mboya Adera organized to have the food cooked just outside Kisumu Impala Sanctuary so we did not have to use the park’s catering staff.

WAM 2013 image
You'd be smiling too if you were in Kenya with me on November 30, 2013

WAM 2013 image
Richard and Jodi Brodsky dancing with the orphans. My (Richard) happiest days are dining and dancing with the Kenyan orphans and my wife Jodi.

WAM 2013 image
Dr. Sartori, an American pediatrician from Garden City, Long Island, examined and treated 86 orphans at the orphan dinner dances on November 28, 29 and 30 and he also provided the medicine for all the orphans.

WAM 2013 image
Dr. Bonyo, standing, and two of his colleagues examined and treated 214 orphans on November 29 and 30.

Click on any photo to enlarge

398 participants including 22 disabled runners registered for the World AIDS Marathon, half marathon and relay races. You can view a full set of the 2013 WAM Race Results. The winners of the marathon and half marathon are as follows:

- Male marathon: Ezekiel Oduol, 02:26:02
- Female marathon: Helen Chenoges, 03:01:03
- Male half marathon: Geoffrey Ngetich, 01:04:31
- Female half marathon: Divina Jepkogei, 01:21:03

WAM 2013 image
Participants, sponsors and volunteers came from 15 countries: United States, Venezuela, Ireland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, China, Japan, India, Australia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

WAM 2013 image
Participants of the World AIDS Marathon and related races exiting Jomo Kenyatta Sports Stadium after the start of the race.

WAM 2013 image
A focused and determined Richard, 'I will not let every Kenyan runner pass me'.

WAM 2013 image
The marathon course is far bumpier that it appears.

WAM 2013 image
It is not an easy task for the wheelchair athletes navigating around city streets.

WAM 2013 image
Nor is it any easier navigating around the village streets.

WAM 2013 image
Jodi and Richard Brodsky completed the World AIDS Marathon in 05:28:08 and 05:28:09.Temperatures were in excess of 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the finish.

WAM 2013 image
Massage services were available at the finish. Photo: courtesy of German marathoner, Rene Wallesch, wearing red shorts.

WAM 2013 image
AIDS testing was done by many groups including USAID.

WAM 2013 image
The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation donates $1,000 in prize money every year. Pictured left to right: Richard & Jodi Brodsky and board member and chief fundraiser for the World AIDS Marathon, Alie Eleveld.

Click on any photo to enlarge

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation sponsored an orphan dinner dance for Alice Visionary Foundation Project on November 28, 2012. 380 orphans dined and danced and Dr. Sartori examined the children who were sick. The Executive Director of Alice Visionary Foundation Project is Beldina Opiyo-Omolo. The reasons for sponsoring this Event at Amilo Village are twofold:
1) I never forget. Beldina was attending college in America and sent me a $10 donation back in 2004 and
2) Beldina is among the few Kenyans who return to Kenya after their college education in America.
This is not meant as a criticism of Kenyans as long as those remaining in America remember the plight of their countrymen and send plenty of money to Kenya to fund projects in Kenya..

WAM 2013 image
Party time at Amilo Village, Richard and Jodi Brodsky dancing with the orphans..

WAM 2013 image
Dr. Richard Sartori examining an orphan while translator/medical volunteer Mercy Abala assists.

WAM 2013 image
Is it fair that one person should be having so much fun?

WAM 2013 image
Pictured left to right: Beldina Opiyo-Omolo, Richard & Jodi Brodsky, Mercy Abala, a volunteer, and Dr. Richard Sartori

WAM 2013 image
The children are amazingly well behaved as they are waiting for dinner.

WAM 2013 image

Click on any photo to enlarge

200+/- children and adults participated in the 5K children’s walk. The walkers greeted the marathon runners and everyone got to enjoy the post-marathon event festivities at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Stadium.

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image
James William Mugeni traveled from Uganda with members of his Fame Athletics Club.

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image

Click on any photo to enlarge

November 29, 2013. The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation co-sponsored its 2nd annual orphan dinner dance with Dr. Benson Bonyo at the Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Center. Dr. Bonyo established the free medical care clinic in Masara, Kenya in loving memory of his mother. Dr. Bonyo has a medical practice in Akron, Ohio and he returns to his native Kenya several times a year to improve the quality of health care at his clinic.

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image
300 orphans were served dinner at the Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Center.

WAM 2013 image
One of Dr. Bonyo’s doctors traveling from Ohio is examining an orphan.

WAM 2013 image
Dr. Bonyo runs a very sanitary facility and is making sure the children wash their hands before dinner.

WAM 2013 image
Dr. Sartori is examining an orphan. Mercy Abala, pink and white dress, is serving as a medical volunteer and translator.

WAM 2013 image
Teams of doctors are examining orphans.

Click on any photo to enlarge


WAM 2013 image
We are trying to get an update on this child. Dr. Sartori said that he examined her just in time and he opened her eye and placed eye drops which should clear her condition. Without medical care, her condition could have been fatal.

WAM 2013 image
Beldina Opiyo-Omolo is the executive director of Alice Visionary Foundation Project and a Public Health Specialist and resides in Kisumu, Kenya.

WAM 2013 image
One too many times when you see an older sibling having to care for a younger sibling because there is no parent.

WAM 2013 image
Even coca cola agrees Santa Claus is black. A white Santa Claus in Kenya, UNTHINKABLE!

WAM 2013 image
Another child caring for a younger sibling. I hope some of these children are cared for by relatives. We saw so few adults, even relatives at the orphan dinner dances.

WAM 2013 image
This little guy was enjoying a meal at Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

WAM 2013 image
Never got to ask this child about who spent the time and love to style her hair.

Click on any photo to enlarge

There were so many people who offered their support as sponsors, volunteers and participants. Without your help, we would not be successful. If you have managed to read to the bottom of this webpage, I want you to know just how much your support has meant to me. I know that without your support and my wife Jodi, I would never have had a successful Foundation. The harder we work is proportional to how we can best help others.


- Dr. Richard L. Sartori for donating medicine for doctors to examine 300 Kenyan orphans and examining 86 orphans on November 28, 29 and 30.
- My wife Jodi Brodsky whose patience, energy and love knows no bounds.

WAM 2013 image
This is the 3rd straight year Dr. Richard Sartori has travelled to Africa and has examined 222 Kenyan orphans + provided medicine for 436 orphans.

WAM 2013 image
This is the 8th World AIDS Marathon Jodi has participated in.


Retrofestivals.org and its founder Allan Spielman who has organized 37 concerts for local charities and has raised $55,000 since 2005.

WAM 2013 image

WAM 2013 image


Dr. Benson Bonyo of Bonyo’s Kenya Mission for providing free medical care at the Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Center.


Nick Paxinos and John Ryan of Backstage Nite Club for hosting the 3rd annual retrofestivals.org benefit concert for the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation + providing the technical skills and equipment to project photos on multiple screens of the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation’s work in Africa and America.

WAM 2013 image


Adiel Zakariya
Alexandra Russell
Andrew Evan Smith
Anton Berzins
Carl Bradford
Carolyn Sartori
Danielle Hekmati
Harpriya Singh
Heidi Wesiel
Jacob Lustbader
Janel Reyneke
Josh Moinian
Joyce Gralla
Keely Payne
Marjorie Lessem
Maryanne Webb
Mercy Abala
Michael Brodsky
Michele MacMahon
Michelle Benesowitz
Mitch Benesowitz
Roy Kiperwas
Rupert Reyneke                                                        

Sahil Batta
Sarah Shamloo

Troy Fritzhand                              
Tyler Fritzhand

WAM 2013 image

2013 T-Shirt Design by Tyler Fritzhand

Thank you to the following groups and individuals who helped the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group to make sure the 2013 World AIDS Marathon would be a successful Event:

Central Bank

Chinese Group

CSO network

Dr Penny Phillips Howard

Dr Rob Quick - CDC Atlanta

Duke of Breeze

Erelis Agencies

Gordon Nyanjom

Harber Charitable Foundation


John Ochieng

Joseph Ochieng


Kiboko Bay

Klaartje Derks Foundation

Lake Printers

Mago Foundation/Mago Youth Polytechnic

Maria Oziemkowska

Miharbi Investments

Mildmay International

NIC Bank

Pacific Business

PEP Intermedius

Population Services International

Prof Bailey NRSH Board


Resolution Health

Richard Brodsky

Richard Onyango

Safe Water and AIDS Project

Shadreck and Company

Steven and Esther van den Vijver

Tina Oneko


Vic Hotel, Mon Amie

Walter Reed

Donations Can still be made:-

www.richardmbrodsky.org or

www.worldaidsmarathon.com or by mailing a check to:

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation
1247 Mara Court
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509


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