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World AIDS Marathon
World AIDS Marathon

About the 2005 Marathon

Imagine you are running in the first marathon to hit Gainesville in over 20 years. You are surrounded by hundreds of people who have the same passions that you do: running and philanthropy. Every step you take is one step closer to a cure for HIV/AIDS.

...thrill to the sound of your name being chanted as you become the local hero, the legend of the day, on this one day only. For just this once there is no home or away team; everyone is on the winning team. Parade around Gainesville after the race with your Mylar cape to keep you warm. Relish your victory because it will be another year, and in some cases it will seem like a lifetime, until next year's marathon. Be proud of your accomplishment, because you just ran those 26.2 miles - not only for yourself, but for everyone out there with HIV/AIDS.

All proceeds from the World AIDS Marathon and 5K Fun Walk will go to AIDS research at UF and various AIDS and cancer charities. See "Who We Support" for more info.

Sign up information:

Who: ages 16+. If under the age of 18, parental consent is required. Registration will be capped at 1,000 participants.

Where: Hawthorne to Gainesville.

When: 8:00 a.m. on December 4, 2005


General Public

$45 entry fee

UF Students

$25 entry fee


*entry fee is paid at registration

** fundraising is not mandatory, but is suggested.


Runners for the marathon should pick up their running number and T-shirt between the hours of 8AM and 6PM, Saturday, December 3rd at the conference / exhibit at the Paramount Hotel Plaza Hotel and Suites, 2900 SW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL 32608
Marathon runners are being asked to meet at the Hawthorne High School Football Field Parking Lot between 7:45 and 8:00 AM, Sunday December 4th. The football field does not have an address, however if you plug in the start of the marathon as the intersection of SE 210th Terrace and SE 65th Avenue, the parking lot will be a few hundred feet north of the intersection.
Mapquest's directions will indicate that you reach the designated intersection by turning south at 213th Street. We would ask that you access the parking lot via 210th Terrace. The terrace street is 600 feet west of 213th Street. This will be very clear when you get the directions from mapquest or when we finally have the route posted on our website. Since most of the runners will be coming from Gainesville, 210th Terrace is approximately 600 feet closer to Gainesville..
The actual start of the marathon will be at 8:30 AM at the intersection of SE 210th Terrace and SE 65th Avenue in Hawthorne. If anyone needs a ride to the high school football stadium, they can get a ride from the Paramount Hotel, 2900 SW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL 32608. Please arrive at the Paramount Hotel between 7:15 AM and 7:30 AM if you need a ride. Runners may leave their baggage at the start of the marathon and pick up their baggage at the marathon finish.
START:  8:30 AM  SE 210th Terrace and SE 65th Avenue

1. SE 210th Terrace and SE 65th Avenue. 0.0 mile Travel east on SE 65th Avenue, run in street,   
2. Turn right at SE 221st Street, run in street, 6' width (provide cones every 100 feet, typical)  
3. Turn right at SE 67th Place, run in street, 6' width  
4. Turn left at SE 215th Street, run in street, 6' width  
5. Turn left at SE 69th Avenue, run in street, 6' width, after school parking lot run on sidewalk 
6. Turn right at SE 216th Terrace, run in street, 6' width  
7. Turn left at SE 71st Avenue, run in street, 6' width  
8. Turn right at SE 218th Terrace, run in street, 6' width  
9. Turn right into parking lot
10. Enter Gainesville Hawthorne Trail    1.77 miles
11. End Gainesville Hawthorne Trail   16.97 miles
12. Enter Rails to Trails Connector Trail, cross SE 22nd Avenue   17.73 miles
13. End Rails to Trails Connector Trail, turn right at SE 4th Street and run on sidewalk   18.40 miles
14. Turn left onto SW/SE Depot Road, run on trail   18.89 miles
15. Turn right onto SW 11th Street, run on sidewalk   19.75 miles
16. Turn left at SW 8th Avenue, run on sidewalk   19.90 miles
17. Turn right at SW 12th Street, run on sidewalk   20.00 miles
18. Turn left at parking lot (Norman Hall)  20.07 miles
19. Travel in left lane at underpass crossing SW13th Street, end of tunnel   20.23 miles
MARATHON ROUTE ON CAMPUS (some sidewalk areas are being repaired so wherever that occurs, the runners will run in the street)
1. Exit tunnel at SW 13th Street.   20.23 miles
2. Proceed north on winding sidewalk to Inner Road and the make a sharp U-turn and run along sidewalk fronting Southwest 13th Street.
3. Turn right into Museum Road and continue on sidewalk.   20.44 miles
4. From Woodlawn Drive to Village Road, run along bicycle route.
5. From Village Road to Radio Road, run on sidewalk
6. Turn right at Radio Road and run along bicycle route   22.04 miles
7. Turn left at Bledsoe Drive   22.33 miles
8. Turn left at Hull Road and run on sidewalk    22.66 miles
9. From Fifield Hall, run along bicycle route.
10. Turn left just before SW 23rd Street and follow pedestrian / cycling path.   23.21 miles
11. Continue on Mowry Road
12. Turn left at Center Drive   24.10 miles
13. Turn left at Museum Road   24.49 miles
14. Turn right at Village Road and run on sidewalk   25.20 miles
15. Turn right at Baby Gator Child Care as noted on campus map.   25.46 miles
16. Turn left at Fraternity Drive and run on sidewalk.   25.58 miles
17. Cross Fraternity Drive / Stadium Drive after bus stop and run on sidewalk
18. Turn right at Woodlawn Drive   25.80 or 25.90 miles (needs to be verified from 25.58 dimension)
19. Turn left at Flavett Field and circle field to reach 26.2 miles
Arrows will be provided at all intersections and port-a-toilets will be provided at the start of the race and approximately every 6th mile as will First AID stations. Water will be provided every mile starting at mile 3 and Gatorade will be provided approximately every 4 miles, and sometimes at closer intervals. The course will be open for seven hours. We will have a sweep person in the rear accommodating the slowest runner / race walker.



The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) public charity.

(c)2005 Richard M. Brodsky Foundation

The World AIDS Marathon and its logo are trademarks. All Rights Reserved.

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